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Q. Why is my apple tree not producing any apples?

Why is my apple tree not producing any apples?


To produce apples, apple tree flowers must recieve pollen from another variety of apple tree. This pollination is normally accomplished when bees move pollen from flower to flower from different apple trees. There are a number of reasons why your apple tree did not produce fruit. First, its flowers may have been damaged by wind, weather or cold before they could be pollinated. If the weather was cool or stormy, there may not have been any bees available to move the pollen. Thirdly, make sure you feed your apple tree a fertilizer with a higher middle number before they flower in spring. This will help produce more flowers. Next, make sure there are other varieties of apple trees in your neighborhood. When in doubt, plant more than 1 type. The flowers of different apple trees must also bloom at the same time, or pollination can not occur.

Posted: 9/14/2017 12:00:00 AM
Author: Mike Mrazek
Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Tags: apples, pollination, apple production, getting apple tree to fruit, malus

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