98 What Are The Best Hedging Plants For The Pacific Northwest?

Q. What Are The Best Hedging Plants In The Pacific Northwest?

What are the best plants to create a hedge or privacy screen in the Pacific Northwest?


While there are many plants you could use as a hedge or a privacy screen, the two most popular evergreen species are Cedars (Arborvitae) and Yews (Taxus).
Both of these are evergreen conifers that keep their foliage all year long.

Cedars are the most popular and usually the most economical, with the Smargd or Emerald Green Cedar being the most popular. This is the one you see in most gardens. The 'Excelsa' cedar is a cousin to the native Western Red Cedar and is a good choice if a larger, taller hedge is required. All cedars require more sun and are not a great option for shady spots.

The Yews, also known by their botanical name, Taxus, are a great option for both sun or shade. Several varieties are available including: HM Eddie, Melford, Hills Yew, Hicks Yew and one of our favourites the Fastigiate or Irish Yew. Yews tend to be more pricey, so don't get sticker shock! To their credit though, Yews are much easier to prune and keep to a given size and shape.

Posted: 9/18/2017 12:00:00 AM
Author: Rebecca van der Zalm
Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Tags: hedges, hedging plants, plants for hedges, best hedging plants, cedars, yews, smargd, taxus

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