Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

2023 Tree Arrival

This year, fresh cut trees are arriving the third week of Novermber and will be available until Christmas Eve, December 24th. Live trees are in-stock year round.

Art's Nursery carries a wonderful selection of fresh cut Christmas trees from late November until Christmas Eve.

Cut Christmas trees have been grown as a crop, freshly cut at a farm and delivered to us. Trees arrive usually wrapped for easy transport or unwrapped with their beauty available for evaluation. At Art's we unwrap any and all trees so you can see the high quality of the trees we bring in.

fresh cut Christmas trees

Evaluating Christmas Trees

Freshly cut trees look healthy, green and many will give off a strong scent or aroma when the trunk is cut or the needles crushed or bruised. Fresh trees will also retain their needles well. Cut trees will only remain fresh for a certain number of days or weeks that varies depending on the type and the environmental conditions the tree has been exposed to during transport and storage. Once cut, a tree attempts to protect the wound by sealing it with a layer of sap. This sap rapidly reduces the tree's ability to absorb nutrients and water. Once its reserves of water are exhausted, the needles will dry out and begin to fall off the tree. The longer the time between cutting and purchase, the more likely needle loss becomes. For this reason, it is best to purchase your tree early and get it into water as soon as possible. Waiting closer to Christmas is not necessarily a good strategy for cut trees,

When choosing a tree, always examine its appearance and measure its needle retentiveness by picking it up and dropping it on its base once or twice or by gently grabbing the needles and pulling them towards you. While all trees will lose a few needles, excessive needle drop may indicate a dry tree that may not be the best choice for your home.

Christmas Tree Quality

Christmas trees are also available in different grades. The premium, 1st grade trees are the best cared for, the best in appearance and command the highest price. 2nd grade trees may have minor defects, broken branches or may not have the perfect shape. At Art's we only carry the premium grades of trees, even though our prices are competitive to those of the large retailers. Many 'big-box' retailers sell 2nd grade trees imported from the US or other parts of Canada that may been cut and stuck in transport for days or weeks to get to our region.

Types of Christmas Trees

At Arts Nursery, we carry a large and diverse selection of Christmas tree types. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the most common types are Firs (Abies). While our selection varies from year to year, the following are the most common varieties available.

To help you choose the best tree, we've put together this short Youtube Video on choosing a Christmas tree:

Other Christmas Tree Varieties

Many other types of Christmas trees are available around the world, but the ones we carry are the most commonly available in the Pacific Northwest. Other popular favourites include the Scotch Pine, Blue Spruce, Korean Fir and others. Some of these are also available from Arts Nursery as live Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Service

Great Trees, More Service

At Art's Nursery we are all about service. Hand pick your tree with our assistance from the large selection available. We'll clean the tree of old needles using our 'Shakee', give it a fresh cut so it absorbs more water and lasts longer and we'll wrap it in netting to make it easier to get home. We'll even help you bring it to your vehicle and assist in the tie-down. It's just the way we do it at Art's.

Christmas Tree Care

Visit our Christmas Tree Care Page for more information.

Disposing of Your Tree

Many municipalities have a tree chipping service that allows you to safely dispose of your tree in an environmently friendly way. Often local charities and community groups also offer these services. Trees are often welcome at wildlife protection agencies where they can be reused as natural habitat. More resources will be listed here as they become available for 2019.


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