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How Do I Stop a Bamboo From Spreading?

Running bamboo like Golden, Black or Timber varieties need to be contained or they can rapidly spread and show up where you don't want them to. There are several ways to contain them:

The first method is to plant them in a pot or large non-bio-degradeable container. Use something that will not rot, rust or fall part. Running bamboo roots are vigorous and will find the weak spot and make an effort to escape.

If planting in the ground, the second option is to dig a trench around the bamboo. Bamboo roots are fairly shallow. If you dig a trench around the plant, you will be able to see the shallow roots attempting to stretch across the gap. At that point you can cut them to keep the plant contained.

The next option is to use a bamboo barrier. These large rolls of high grade thick plastic are installed at 45 degree angles in the soil all around the bamboo plant. When the bamboo roots reach the plastic, they take the path of least resistance and climb the sides of the plastic. When they reach the top (which should be at soil level), you will notice the rhizomes (roots) attempting to climb over at which point you can keep them contained.


If you have any questions about bamboo or how to contain it, please give us a call at 604.882.1201, or visit us in person at Arts Nursery Ltd.

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