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How Do I Plant My Clematis?

Clematis vines prefer locations with full sun and moist but well drained soils. Clematis vines benefit from cool roots. Choose a location where their tops will be sunny, but the roots will be shaded and protected. Plant something in front of them or apply a heavy layer of mulch. When planting, it is ok to bury the stems a little deeper than most other plants. This will encourage more vines to sprout from the base. Provide a structure that the vine can climb upon such as a pole, arbour, trellis or pergola.

Once planted, avoid moving your clematis as they dislike root disturbance. When watering, try to keep the vines dry by only watering the soil, not the foliage. Fertilize at least once per year using a Perennial or Vine Food, preferably before they flower.

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