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How Do I Grow Tomato Plants?

Growing tomato plants is easy, enjoyable and rewarding.

First, find a location in the full sun that is both warm and protected. Tomatos can be grown in pots quite well, but choose a deep pot. Their roots like to go deep rather than across.

Next dig the planting hole and put in a handful of bonemeal or lime. This adds calcium and helps establish the new plant. It also helps prevent blossom-end rot. Bury the tomato plant deeper than you would any other plant. Any part of the tomatos stem that is underground will produce roots. Replace the soil and water in the plant thoroughly.

Tomatos appreciate a regular watering schedule. They do not like to have irregularity in their moisture. Feed regularly with a good organic fertilizer like Orgunique or Gaia Green. Make sure your fertilizer has a high middle number to encourage fruiting. Avoid fertilizers that are high in nitrogen (the first number).

Support your growing tomato plants with stakes or cages as they grow. Indeterminate (vine) type tomatos will produce a lot of growth, sometimes at the expense of fruits. Prune away the excess suckers, that is, the growth that appears from between stems. Determinate, or bush type tomatos do not need pruning.

As the season progresses, pinch off the tip of the tomato plant to redirect the plants energy into fruiting.

Remember, the tomatos you buy at the grocery store were not choosen for flavour, they were choosen for appearance and longevity. Plant some varieties you've never heard of and you'll never go back to store bought tomatos ever again!

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