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How do I choose a pump for a water feature?

The best pump for your application depends on a combination of factors. The first is how many gallons of water the pump can move in an hour (GPH). The larger the water feature, the more gallons per hour you will need to circulate. The second is called Head or Lift. It measures how high a pump can lift water vertically. The taller the water feature, or the higher the water needs to travel, the stronger pump you will need. The last factor is the distance horizontally the water must travel. Water moving in a tube creates friction. At a certain distance, a weaker pump will not be able to push the water any further down the tube. The horizontal distance also affects the lift capacity. In other words, the further the water travel horizontally, the lower the height the pump will be able to push the water up to. More information about water pumps, please call us at 604.882.1201 or visit us in person at Art's Nursery Ltd.

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