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How To: Dress Your Table For Christmas

Freshly Cut Greens Greens For Your Table This Christmas

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How To: Dress Your Table for Christmas


  • 1 – 10 foot cedar garland. Depending on the size of your table you can trim as necessary or use cedar greens. If you have a round table you can cut a piece of the garland approximately 4 to 5 feet in length and loop it.
  • 1-bunch of White Pine
  • 1-bunch of Eucalyptus
  • 5 or 6-Round Christmas ornaments in a colour of your choosing.
  • Accents – in our case we used deer, you can use pinecones, driftwood pieces, bird ornaments etc.
  • 4 to 5 strings of battery powered twinkle lights.
  • 2 glass bell jars to bunch the fairy lights into. You can absolutely use pickle jars or mason jars.
Trim garland to size of table. Twist and fan out the cedar so it is green side up and no wire is showing. Tuck in small pieces of white pine to hide any wire. Overlay small pieces of Eucalyptus. Weave in the twinkle lights and tuck the small battery pack under the greens. The fragrance from this centrepiece is amazing! Tuck in a splash of colour and sparkle with some Christmas ornaments or keep it neutral and natural with pinecones, driftwood etc. Add the fairy lanterns with glass bell jars, mason jars, lanterns etc. Fill those with twinkle lights.

Elegant Candles

  • Clear glass bottle.
  • White taper candles.
  • Greens or cranberries.
Trim small piece of greenery that is slender enough to fit through the bottle opening. Measure you cut piece to be just under the height of the body of the bottle. Carefully push it through the opening and use a chopstick or small stick to arrange if needed. Add water. Trim taper candle to fit the top of the bottle. When lighting candle keep an eye on it. Place a small wooden trivet or coaster under if the wax misses the sides of the bottle. As it burns you get lovely white wax streaking the bottle for a really cool and weathered look.

Kokedama Centrepiece

  • Wide Glass Vase
  • 4 or 6 inch plant to easily fit into the vase with room for moss/burlap and twinkle lights.
  • Moss, Burlap or any cloth in a colour you would like.
  • Jute, wool, any type of twine that is pleasant to look at as the string is as important as the plant and the wrap.
  • Small pinecones, pebbles or anything else you would like to use to dress the bottom of the vase for contrast.
  • I Small String of LED Fairy Lights
If you are wrapping the root ball of your small plant with moss, I would strongly suggest doing this outside. Upon completion of the moss wrapped hellebore it looked like a small moss explosion in the Terra Bar and I had to clean up fast before Emily caught me messing up her Christmas zone!!! One handy cheat trick if you have a sock you would like to sacrifice in a colour that will blend with the wrap you choose (green if moss etc.), cut the foot part, tuck your plant into the sock to keep the soil from going everywhere…like the moss and then wrap with your chosen material. When wrapping it is nice to have an extra set of eyes so that you can not only secure the moss to the rootball, but do so in an attractive zigzagging pattern. Once your Kokedama plant is secure, add the pinecones etc. into the vase. Carefully slide in your Kokedama creation (which is an awesome stand alone centrepiece if you don’t have a large vase you can just set it onto some greens or a small wooden ‘mini stump’ for a completely different look! Once your plant is in the vase you can carefully tuck in the little lights and use an extra bit of moss etc. to tuck the battery pack.
*Note – there are limited bags of moss available, you can also use preserved moss if you are careful with it. We have some available in indoor tropicals. If you are not nearby you can also pick some up at your local craft store or dollar store.

Place Holders

I used pine, lavender and eucalyptus and wrote the names and some descriptive words about the person. You can also add fun facts, jokes etc. depending on the size of the leaf…metallic sharpies and paint pens are so much fun!!!

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