How To Grow Goji Berries

Lycium barbarum

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Every now and again the world stands up and discovers a new superfood. In this case, the Goji Berry, Lycium barbarum. It is also known as the Tibetan Goji, Chinese Wolfberry or Chinese Boxthorn.

The Goji is small oblong shaped orange-red berry that is absolutely packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants. Some of the nutrional benefits include: Vitamins B1, B6 and E, more protein than whole wheat and more beta carotene than carrots. It provides more than 500 times more Vitamin C by weight than oranges as well as dietary fibre, iron, calcium and more. With regards to anti-oxidants, a scale called ORAC units is used to measure the ability to absorb free radicals. 3000 is considered a good standard for healthy food, a goji berry is 23,500!

The goji plant grows into a large deciduous shrub reaching heights of 7-10ft with vines that can stretch to 10ft.

Exposure / Light

Goji berries should be planted in full sun for good berry production, but will tolerate part shade.

Soil / Moisture

Goji plants tolerate a wide variety of soils, though they perform best in better quality well drained soil. They have an aggressive root system and are quite drought tolerant once established.


Pruning the main stem and branches will keep the plant shorter, thicker and help with increased flowering and berry production.


Goji berries are borne on the second year plants, though some have been harvested even in the first year. Maximum fruit production occurs in the 4-5th years.

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