How To Grow Apples

Malus x domestica


Apple trees are one of the most rewarding fruit trees for gardeners in the Pacific Northwest. Nothing will ever beat the taste of a ripe, homegrown apple. Apples are fairly easy to grow as long as you follow the guidelines below.

Exposure / Light

Plant Apple trees is full sun. Avoid low lying frost pockets as the apple blossoms may be damaged by late spring frosts.

Soil / Moisture

Apple trees prefer moist, but well drained soils. Avoid areas with poor drainage


Apple trees will benefit from a yearly application of Arts Garden Pro Fruit Tree and Berry Food. Use this fertilizer in early spring before blossoms appear.

Apple Pollination

Apple trees require pollination from another Apple tree in order to produce fruit. We recommend planting at least two varieties in the immediate area for best results. Apples are classified by when they bloom in Spring: early season, mid-season and late season. To be a pollinator, your Apple trees must bloom at the same time. Finally, some apple trees, called Triploids, have sterile pollen which can not be used as a pollinator. If you intend on planting these varieties, we recommend you plant an additional tree in the area to serve as a source of pollen. Crab apples can also be used as pollinators if they bloom at the same time.

Fruit Thinning

Apples have a habit of setting too much fruit. If this occurs, thin or remove some of the fruit. This will improve the quality of the remaining apples.


Apples are generally ready to harvest in very late summer or fall.

Apple Pruning

The best time to prune Apples is when they are dormant in late fall and winter. The goal is to increase light penetration and air circulation. Remove dead, damaged or diseased branches. Cut away branches that grow straight up, or that cross or rub.

Apple Tree Care

In late winter, spray Apple trees with a combination of dormant oil and lime sulphur (available as a kit). This product kills any over-wintering insects and reduces the chances of disease.

For More Information

Arts Nursery carries a huge selection of apple trees. Best selection is in early April. If you have questions about growing apple trees, visit us at Arts Nursery or call 604.882.1201.

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