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Bring a touch of winter beauty into your home with a live flocked Christmas tree!

These real, freshly cut trees have been covered with an artificial snow to make them look like they just received a fresh dusting of powder on the mountain.

The flocking is non-toxic and not harmful to humans or animals! In addition to being safe for your home, it’s also a natural fire retardant and helps to extend the life of your tree by improving needle retention. For easy transport to your home, we wrap trees in clear plastic tubing to help protect it from the elements. We recommend leaving the tree wrapped in plastic for protection while moving it inside, however, do not store the tree in plastic for any length of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have Flocked Trees Ready To Sell?

Yes, we pre-flock a number of trees every year that are ready to take home. Drop by the store and pick the one that bests suits your needs. Pre-flocked trees are less expensive than custom flocking

Do You Custom Flock Trees?

Yes, we custom flock trees that you pick from our selection. Because of the added time and effort, custom flocked trees are slightly more expensive than a pre-flocked tree

Do We Flock Trees Sourced From Other Farms?

Yes, we can, but all standard fees apply. We are limiting flocking to maximum of 8ft in height

Do We Flock Artificial Trees?

Yes, we can, but there is a setup fee of $20. Pricing is the same as custom flocking. Maximum tree size is 8ft.
Please be aware that artificial trees have metal that may rust as a result of being flocked.

Can You Pre-Light The Tree?

Unfortunately, we do not pre-light flocked trees.

How Long Does It Take?

It usually takes 3-5 day from green tree to flocked tree ready to pick-up. Green trees need to dry out and be cleaned before the process starts. Flocking goes on wet and takes several days to dry. We try to flock early in the week so that trees are ready to pickup the following weekend. It can take longer when the weather is extremely cold or wet.

How Do I Transport a Flocked Tree?

Flocked trees are wrapped in a large plastic tube that will keep the tree mostly dry. We encourage you to pickup your tree on dry days as flocking should not get wet. Our staff can help you get your flocked tree to your vehicle

When are Flocked Trees Available?

Flocking begins in mid to late november. Pre-flocked trees are available in-store at this time. Please inquire about corporate/commercial flocking projects

How Do I Order a Custom Flocked Tree?

You can order a flocked christmas tree in three ways. In-store, by phone 604.882.1201 or via our online order form:

Please place your order by Sunday, for pick-up the following weekend. You can also click on the green button below to place an order
You can also choose from our selection of pre-flocked trees in-store

Pre-Flocked Tree Pricing

Price of Tree + $12 ft / tree height

+ $3 ft /tree height for Heavy Flock

Custom Flocking Pricing

When We Pick the Tree
Price of Tree + $15 ft / tree height

+ $3 ft /tree height for Heavy Flock

Custom Flocking
Michele will personally choose a tree from our beautiful selection, you just have to decide on the variety of tree, height and level of flocking you want to recieve!

Please place your order by Sunday close for pick-up the following Friday and Saturday. It takes 3-5 days for a flocked tree to dry before it should be handled or moved so this allows for proper drying time.

Pre-Flocked Trees
All holiday season we will have a beautiful selection of Freshly Flocked trees to choose from that you can take home that day! Flocking type has been conveniently pre-chosen for these trees, and they have already undergone the flocking process - including drying time.

Simply come in and choose one! Our staff will wrap it and help you load it onto your vehicle or arrange delivery.

Order a Custom Flocked Christmas Tree

Flocking Type Comparison

Art's Nursery is proud to offer some of the best flocked Christmas trees in Metro Vancouver
Come on down to our store mid to late November to see our lovely selection
If you've never seen a flocked tree before, they’re a spectacular sight!

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