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Agastache × hybrida ‘Arizona Sandstone’ #15840  Arizona Sandstone Hyssop

Agastache × hybrida ‘Arizona Sandstone’

A wonderful compact hybrid, featuring loose spikes of mint scented, terra cotta-orange, tubular flowers on dense spikes appearing throughout the summer and into the fall. Grey-green foliage. Flowers are also edible and fun to sprinkle into salads or use as a garnish.

List of plants in genus: Agastache
1G POT $10.98
Date Updated : 6/22/2016
Arenaria balearica #18357  Corsican Sandwort

Arenaria balearica

This is an alpine plant that prefers the shelter of a partly shaded rock garden. Plants form an evergreen, moss-like carpet of green leaves, bearing tiny white flowers on short stems in late spring. Requires moist soil that does not dry out in the summer.

List of plants in genus:
4in POT $3.98
Date Updated : 7/7/2016
Bulk Washed Sand #12446 

Bulk Washed Sand

Washed locally sourced sand. Makes an excellent base for stepping stones. Can be used for sandboxes or lawn drainage. Attractive and ready to use. You can also mix washed sand with soil to improve drainage in your landscape. Sold by the tractor scoop with is 50-60% of a yard

Tractor Scoop PRD $30.00
Date Updated : 3/31/2019
Gaia Green Greensand 1.5kg #22609 

Gaia Green Greensand 1.5kg

Greensand is an iron potassium silicate containing 7 percent potassium (K2O), 20 percent iron oxide (FeO2), and as many as thirty (30) other elements. Greensand loosens hard soils, binds sandy soils, regulates moisture, and assists in the release of other nutrients. This ancient algae sea shore deposit is valued as a slow release source of potash and other essential minerals. Greensand can be mixed with Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust to produce a broader range of nutrients. 3kg

1.5kg PRD $34.98
Date Updated : 4/3/2019
Pachysandra axillaris 'Windcliff' #7143  Windcliff Pachysandra

Pachysandra axillaris 'Windcliff'

Pachysandra offers distinctive evergreen foliage and noticeably fragrant white flowers in early spring, repeating again in autumn. An ideal and unique groundcover, just 4-6 inches high.

List of plants in genus: Pachysandra
1P POT $14.98
Date Updated : 2/20/2012
Pachysandra terminalis #1901  Pachysandra (Japanese Spurge)

Pachysandra terminalis

Spreading evergreen groundcover with white spikes of flowers in spring. One of the best groundcover for shade. Great for under shade trees or for erosion control.

List of plants in genus: Pachysandra
1G POT $8.98
Date Updated : 9/14/2011
Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Sheen' #1905  Green Sheen Japanese Spurge

Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Sheen'

This cultivar has nice shiny foliage. Perfect for planting under the canopies of older trees, where little else grows. A lifesaver on the north sides of walls or north-facing slopes.

List of plants in genus: Pachysandra
1G POT $9.98
Date Updated : 3/20/2015
Picea glauca 'Sander's Fastigiate' #6305  Columnar White Alberta Spruce

Picea glauca 'Sander's Fastigiate'

A dwarf form of Alberta Spruce. Stems are very columnar with miniature green leaves. Plant is a sport off of Alberta Spruce. Pointed look is nice for small gardens. Plant grows 2-4 inches a year

List of plants in genus: Picea
1G POT $12.98
Date Updated : 10/21/2011
Sandwich Booster Organic Sprouting Seeds #17045 

Sandwich Booster Organic Sprouting Seeds

Sandwich Booster Organic Sprouting Seeds from West Coast Seeds are dormant and ready to grow. Ready to harvest in 4-5 days. Certified Organic. 100g

100g PRD $9.99
Date Updated : 1/22/2017

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