Bonsai Plants & Supplies

  • Bonsai is an ancient art form that originated in Japan over a thousand years ago.
  • Bonsai uses several time-developed methods to produce miniature trees or shubs in small containers.
  • Often varieties with smaller, delicate leaves or needles are chosen to further amplify this ‘scaled-down’ appearance.
  • Artists usually begin with a starter specimen plant that is then shaped in an aesthetic way using bonsai wire, pruning and various other techniques that over time achieve the desired result.
  • Bonsai is a labour of love and time and when done properly can produce incredible, unparalleled pieces of art!   

Art’s Nursery sells a huge variety of plants that are great for starter bonsai specimens and a range of various wires, tools and supplies for bonsai including pots and soil. 

Want to learn more about the ancient art of bonsai? There is a BC Bonsai Society/Club located right in Surrey!

Interested Bonsai Plants & Supplies? Come on in to Art's Nursery to see our selection and talk to our knowledgeable staff. If you’re making a special trip, please call ahead to confirm availability: 604.882.1201.

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