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Belamcanda chinensis #24614  Blackberry Lily

Belamcanda chinensis

Compact growing perennial with long, sword shaped foliage that grows in an unusual fan shaped formation. Even more unusual than the foliage are its summer blooms. Small, star shaped flowers appear in abundance ranging from orange to scarlet with splashes of red speckles through out.

List of plants in genus: Belamcanda
1G POT $14.98
Date Updated : 4/18/2018
Blackberry Navajo #9325  Navajo Thornless Blackberry

Blackberry Navajo

Thornless variety. Berries are sweet and juicy and great for eating fresh, cooking or preserves.

List of plants in genus: Rubus
1G POT $8.98
Date Updated : 5/24/2013
Dahlia 'Blackberry Ripple' Tuber #19866  Blackberry Ripple Dahlia Tuber

Dahlia 'Blackberry Ripple' Tuber

Dahlia Blackberry Ripple is a giant dinnerplate cactus dahlia that is great for cut flowers. Blooms are striped and speckled in shades of white, red and purple. Flowers in summer. Grows to a height of 44 inches. Plant in full sun after all chance of frost has passed. 1 tuber

List of plants in genus: Dahlia
1 Tuber PRD $5.98
Date Updated : 2/12/2020
Rubus 'Black Satin' #9804  Black Satin Thornless Blackberry

Rubus 'Black Satin'

This thornless, heat tolerant Blackberry is a prolific producer of smooth, deliciously sweet, deep blue-black fruits. Semi-erect canes, yielding a reliable crop of large, juicy blackberries each season.

List of plants in genus: Rubus
1G POT $8.98
Date Updated : 6/21/2016
Rubus 'Darrow' #8507  Darrow Blackberry

Rubus 'Darrow'

Ultra-vigorous and also self-pollinating. Choose a sunny, well-drained spot for your patch and amend the soil with compost. Keep ‘Darrow’ watered during dry spells, mulch well and prune regularly.

List of plants in genus: Rubus
1G POT $8.98
Date Updated : 9/12/2012
Rubus x 'APF-236T' #18243  Baby Cakes Thornless Dwarf Blackberry

Rubus x 'APF-236T'

A darling blackberry perfect for patio gardens and small spaces. Yields wonderfully sweet, large berries in mid-summer. Cooler summer regions will enjoy a second crop in the fall. A wonderful dwarf, thornless plant with a rounded growth habit perfect for containers.

List of plants in genus: Rubus
2G POT $39.98
Date Updated : 6/21/2016
Thornless Boysen Trailing Blackberry #5359  Thornless Boysenberry

Thornless Boysen Trailing Blackberry

Very large, sweet, juicy, full-bodied flavor. Good for fresh eating, freezing, jams, preserves, pastries, juice, syrup, and wine. Requires winter protection below 0 degrees F., hardy in zones 5-9.

List of plants in genus:
1G POT $9.98
Date Updated : 5/11/2011

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