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Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Posted By: Desiree Markewich in Bulbs

With the final days of summer slowly approaching it’s only natural for us gardeners to start planning for next year. The first thing to spring to mind (no pun intended) is fall planting bulbs: Crocus, Tulips, Hyacinth and many more. Often the first sign of colour we are rewarded with in the garden during early spring, planting bulbs in the fall is easy, affordable, and something you must try - if you havent already!

Early Fall (September) is when these flowering beauties start to arrive at the nursery, but we encourage you to Pre-Order early, so you don’t miss out on the 20 stunning new varieties we are recieving this year. 

Early Spring Flowering Bulbs

If you want to feel the warm glow of sunshine in early spring, try new varieties Crocus ‘Early Gold’ or Iris ‘Katherine’s Gold’. These yellow cuties are very petite in nature, only growing 4-6 inches tall! This small size makes them perfect for containers or small gardens.

Desire something with a bit more colour and size? Try out Narssisus Colourful Companions 'Dancin' in the Sun' combo. An early spring charmer growing to a height of 16 inches and featuring 2 different varieties of white, gold and yellow daffodils.

Mid Spring Flowering Bulbs

For some interest in the garden during mid spring, you can’t go wrong with either Daffodil 'Acropolis' or 'Falmouth Bay'. An elegant almost pure white colour and nice height of 16-20 inches makes this pair stand out among fellow plants gracing the period between spring and summer.


The perfect Daffodil (Narcissus) for a patio or smaller garden has to be Narcissus ‘White Petticoat’. Growing to a dimure height of 4 inches, this adorable white daffodil has deep green stems making the crisp white of the blooms even more notable.

A featured bulb this year, Tulipa ‘Canadian Liberator’ was released to honour and celebrate 75 years of European Liberation! Canadian Liberator stands tall at 22 inches high and is a strong, bright red, featuring nearly perfect shaped flowers.

If you love pink and are looking for some mid spring color we suggest Tulipa ‘Foxtrot’ or Colourful Companions ‘Rasberry Meringue’. Foxtrot is a fragrant, double tulip in a glorious bubblegum pink and Rasberry Meringue combines a creamy white, double daffodil with a matching creamy tulip with raspberry pink accents.

Late Spring

To bring a few splashes of pink to your late spring garden as well, or if enjoy foraging in the garden for cut flower arrangements then you must choose Double Tulip ‘Dazzling Sensation’ or ‘Crispion Sweet’. Crispion Sweet has full, solid pink flowers with fringed petals, while Dazzling Sensation’s blooms are packed with smoother petals with white feathering at the outer petal edges. 

Two later Spring flowers that will become a focal point in the garden, and that pollinators can’t miss are Allium ‘Rosy Dream’ and Colourful Companions ‘Hot Shots’. Rosy Dream will grow to 18 inches and feature lovely, globe-like purple blooms, and Hot Shots combines two vivid red tulip varieties that stand at a grand 24 inches tall.


To get the most out of planting bulbs in the fall you can extend your flowering season into summer by choosing plants such as the Camas or Foxtail Lily. Foxtail Lilies (Eremurus) are extrodinarily tall, perennials that have massive flower spikes. For pink flowers try Eremurus ‘Shelford Pink' or ‘Robustus’ and for orange blooms ‘Cleopatra’. Camassia leichtini ‘Alba’ is an equally tall plant, bearing flower spikes matching the Foxtail Lilies grandeur but in a pale white shade with larger individual flowers upon the spike.   



If flowers aren’t your thing, or your just enjoy growing your own veggies we suggest planting garlic this fall. Planting garlic is easy, all you have to do is separate each garlic bulb carefully into individual cloves. Plant your cloves in a rich soil by pushing each clove 1-2 inches into the soil with the flat side down and pointed-tip upwards towards the surface of the soil. Your harvest will be ready anytime from Spring through Summer. You will know when the leaves have become mostly yellow, i.e. more yellow on the leaf than there is green. Chesnok, Yugoslavian and Mixed Gourmet varieties are new this year! 


Any of the bulbs featured in this article. Simply click on the bulb mentioned in the article and it will take you to our pre-order page! 

Pre-Orders end September 1, 2019 when bulbs start to arrive. For availability after September 1 call in store (604) 882 1201.

Monday, September 14, 2015
Posted By: Rebecca van der Zalm in Bulbs

Colourful Companions are beautiful, well thought out combinations of flower bulbs that take all the guesswork out of flower combining and garden design. Each September, new packs are released showcasing new combinations as well as the latest, greatest as well as outstanding and proven varieties. We are proud to offer a great selection from Florissa this year including last years favourites as well as 2015’s New Releases. Enjoy these striking combinations of Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Crocus, Muscari and more!

All prices current as of Sept 2015. Prices subject to change without prior notice

Canadian Eh Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Red & White Tulips

The Canadian Eh Colourful Companion bulb pack features a mix of gorgeous red and white tulips that flower in mid spring. Show your patriotism by planting this collection! Grows to a height of 24 inches and are also good as cut flowers. 16 bulbs per pack. $9.99

Merlot Moment Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Merlot Moment Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Burgundy and Yellow Streaked Tulips

Merlot Moment is a striking new combination of wine coloured and yellow-streaked burgundy tulips. These are ideal as cut flowers, in containers or in the garden. Mid Spring blooms. Grows to about 12 inches in height. Prefers full to part sun. 16 bulbs per pack $9.99 per pack

Prince Trio Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Prince Trio Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Red, Pink and Yellow Tulips

Prince Trio is a soft and subtle combination of red, pink and yellow tulips that are great as cut flowers. They flower in mid-spring and will reach a height of 18 inches. 16 bulbs per pack. $9.99 per pack.


Charisma Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Tulips And Daffodils

Charisma is a colourful combination of tulips and narcissus in shades of white, orange and peach. They are great for naturalizing and flower in mid spring. Average height of 18 inches. Prefers to be grown in full to part sun. 16 bulbs per pack. $9.99 per pack

Enchanted Pixies Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Enchanted Pixies Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Dwarf Daffodils

White and peach dwarf daffodils with yellow and orange dwarf daffodils. Flowers in mid-spring. Average height of 12 inches. Prefers full to part sun. 12 bulbs per pack. $9.99 per pack

Delft Duo Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Delft Duo Large Flowering Crocus Colourful Companions Bulb Collection

White and Purple Crocus

Delft Duo is a wonderful combination of early spring blooming crocus in shades of white and purple. Plant in large groups. Great for naturalizing. Average height of about 6 inches. Prefers full to part sun. 30 bulbs per pack.

Feathered Fascination Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Feathered Fascination Tulips Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Feathered Lavender and Purple Tulips

The Feathered Fascination colourful companion pack containers 2 types of tulips. A feathered purple and a lavender fringed-white tulips is sure to please gardeners looking for tulips in a cool colour palette. This new combination is ideal for cut flowers when it blooms in late spring. Grows to a height of 22 inches. Prefers to be grown in full to part sun. 14 bulbs per pack. $9.99 per pack

Hello Spring Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Hello Spring Colourful Companions Bulb Collection


A wonderful collection of fragrant daffodils in shades orange, yellow and creamy white. Blooms in mid-spring. Average height of 18 inches. Prefers full to part sun. 12 Bulbs Per Pack. $9.99 per pack.

Mermaid Melody Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Mermaid Melody Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Tulips & Grape Hyacinths

Mermaid Melody is a striking combination of tulips in shades of peach, cream and light green against the brilliant blue of Muscari (Grape Hyacinths). This fragrant collection blooms in mid-spring to a maximum height of 18 inches. Prefers full to part sun. 20 bulbs per pack. $9.99 per pack

Sailors Delight Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Sailors Delight Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Muscari and Tulips

Sailors Delight is an eye-catching bulb collection featuring beautiful blue Muscari (Grape Hyacinths) with striking flame-coloured tulips. Tulips have a red top, and orange middle changing to creamy yellow below. This fragrant combination blooms in mid-spring. Maximum height to about 18 inches. Prefers full to part sun. 24 bulbs per pack. $9.99 per pack.

Sun Shower Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Sun Shower Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Daffodils and Tulips

Sun Shower is a striking combination of yellow and orange daffodils with orange and yellow tulips. Fragrant. Flowers in mid-spring. Average height 16 inches. 16 bulbs per pack. $9.99 per pack.

Jazberry Jam Melody Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Jazzberry Jam Colouful Companion Bulb Collection


The Jazzberry Jam collection features 14 tulip bulbs in white and red. Flowers in late spring and grows to a height of 28 inches. Prefers full to part sun. Great for cut flowers too! 14 bulbs per pack. $9.99 per pack.

Pineapple Express Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Pineapple Express Colourful Companion Bulb Collection


Pineapple Express is a combination of tulips in shades of yellow and orange. These varieties are great as cut flowers when they bloom in mid-spring. Average height of about 20 inches. Plant in full to part sun. 16 bulbs per pack. $9.99 per pack.

Diamonds and Sapphires Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

Diamonds and Sapphires Colourful Companion Bulb Collection

White Anemone and Muscari

Diamonds and Sapphires is a lovely combination of blue grape hyacinth (Muscari) and white flowering anemone. Flowers in mid spring. Fragrant. Prefers full to part sun. Grows to a height of 12 inches. 40 bulbs per pack. $9.99 per pack.

As always, please call ahead, 604.882.1201, to confirm availability. If you have any questions about this years Colourful Companions or flower bulbs in general, drop by in person or contact us at your convenience. Generally speaking, the best availability is during the month of September, but the best time to plant is later September or early October when the fall rains start to fall.

When planting, we recommend the use of Bonemeal and or Bulb Food to create the best possible flower show next spring!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Six Colourful Companions

Flower Bulb Combinations

Posted By: Rebecca van der Zalm in Bulbs

One of the main challenges of planting bulbs is deciding which ones to plant. With so many colours and styles available, making design decisions can be a frustrating experience. To simplify these choices, we offer several pre-packaged bulb combinations. These colourful companions are designed to work with each other. Grab and go - plant and forget! It couldn't be any easier to plant bulbs.

calpso breeze colourful companion bulbs

Calypso Breeze Colourful Companions

This colourful companion bulb pack features 22 bulbs divided amongst deep pink tulips, blue hyacinths and creamy yellow daffodils. Many of these bulbs are also fragrant - adding extra interest. Height: 16 inches.

riverboat cruise colourful companion bulbs

Riverboat Cruise Colourful Companions

This 24 bulb pack is a striking combination of rich blue grape hyacinths (muscari) and white tulips. Flowering in mid-spring, this combination will reach 12 inches in height. Fragrant.

jazzberry jam colourful companion bulbs

Jazzberry Jam Colourful Companions

This 14 bulb pack of tulips is a combination of white red-streaked tulips combined with rich mono-colour red ones. Reaches a height of 28 inches. Great for cut flowers. Flowers in late spring.

red velvet cake colourful companion bulbs

Red Velvet Cake Colourful Companions

Red Velvet Cake Colourful companion is a pack of 16 tulip bulbs of two styles. A rich burgundy red is contrasted against a two-tone deep red and white tulip. Flowers in mid-spring. Reaches a height of 20 inches. Great for cut flowers.

Licorice Twist colourful companion bulbs

Licorice Twist Colourful Companions

Licorice Twist Colourful companions are deep purplish black tulips combined with a white-pink variety. Flowers in mid-spring. Great for cut flowers. Reaches a height of 24 inches.

Pineapple Express colourful companion bulbs

Pineapple Express Colourful Companions

This pack of colourful companions features 16 tulip bulbs in shades of yellow and yellow-orange. It has hot tropical colours written all over it. Flowers in late spring. Reaches a height of 20 inches. Great for cut flowers.

With all of these packs, we strongly recommend mass planting bulbs. If you like these packs, don't just plant one, get several of the same variety and plant them in volume. The blast of colour in spring will be well worth it! Quanties are limited and availability is seasonal so hurry in to Arts Nursery for best selection.

More information about new tulip varieties is also available

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