Make Your Own Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens

Miniature fairy gardens make a delightful gift or magical addition to your home. They're also a fun project to make with kids.  With a little bit of imagination, create your own enchanting world to enjoy, from woodland to beach scenes - the sky is the limit!  Just add plants, miniature accessories, stones, small pieces of driftwood, moss, or anything else to make yourself a whimsical container filled with old world charm. 

At Art's Nursery, we sell a large collection of charming accessories for your fairy garden, including: small plants, stones, sand, houses, birdbaths, fountains, gates, fences, bridges, furniture, stepping stones, garden gnomes, and so much more.  

How to Get Started


  • First, choose your theme. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild. 
  • Rustic, old-fashioned, beach, woodland, formal, and fairytale, are a few ideas to get you thinking.  
  • You can also use childhood memories or change the decorations seasonally. Have fun with it!


  • Choose the container.  Use pots, baskets, glass bowls, or anything else that ehances your theme.  
  • Try to ensure it contains good drainage holes to prevent overwatering your plants.


  • Lay down an inch or two of pebbles at the bottom of your container to help improve drainage, then add potting soil.


  • When choosing plants, make sure they all have the same light and water requirements for the best success. Cacti and succulents go well together, and tropicals are best when planted together.
  • Try to avoid fast growing plants so they don't take over your miniature garden.  
  • Slow-growing plants are ideal and can be pruned when they do grow too large.  

Final touches

  • Add your charming miniatures and accessories to complement your theme.  
  • Sand can be added to the top of the soil for a beach theme.  
  • Use stones and small pieces of driftwood for accents. Little blue stones make an ideal stream.   The only limit is your imagination!

How to Care for your Fairy Garden

•    Place your garden indoors or outdoors, depending on the plants that you've used, and ensure it receives the proper conditions to keep your plants healthy and thriving.   
•    Water when necessary, usually when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch. 
•    Now sit back and enjoy!

Fairy gardens are easy to make and will brighten your day with whimsy and enchantment. Add something new for every season or holiday for year-round fun.  Come visit us at Art's Nursery to see our wide range of supplies and accessories and get started on your own creation!
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