November Gardening Calendar

  • Rake leaves and use as compost.
  • Clean, sharpen and oil garden tools. Service the lawn mower.
  • Add organic matter to beds. Mulching will feed the soil and suppress weeds.
  • The weeds continue to grow in cool weather so take time to pick ‘em!
  • Certain perennials can be divided now.
  • Add some colour to your containers with budded skimmia, ornamental grasses and dwarf conifers. The berries will be coming now, wintergreen is a beautiful choice, and colourful stems of dogwood will add height and colour to your planters. Evergreen boughs will add fullness and a festive feeling to your containers. (available mid November).
  • Drain or blow out your irrigation system.
  • Prune out dead fruiting canes of raspberries.
  • Plant garlic.
  • Save seeds from the verggie and flower garden. Dry, date, label and store in a cool and dry location.
  • Plant. Yes Fall is a great time to plant.
  • Winterize banana plants and palms if you haven’t already.
  • Last chance to store geraniums, tuberous begonias, dahlias and gladiolas.
  • Place hanging pots of fuchsias where they won’t freeze. Don’t cut back until Spring.
  • Check potatoes in storage and remove any that are going bad.
  • Trim chrysanthemums to 4-6 inches after they finish blooming.
  • Water evergreens in the garden well before winter frosts. Continue to water every 6-8 weeks during the winter if there is no snow cover and the ground is warm enough to accept water.
  • Wrap trunk of young think barked trees especially those in high wind areas. Young Japanese maples can be damaged by harsh cold winds or sunscald. Remove wrap in April. As bark matures this will not be necessary.
  • Monitor garden for pests and disease. Consider bait in the garden for slugs especially during rainy periods.
  • Houseplants tend to dry out with the extra heat in the house atthis time of year. Mist plants or place the pots on a pebble filled tray of water to ensure adequate humidity and moisture. Reduce fertilizer applications.
  • Enjoy forcing bulbs inside, such as, paperwhites, hyacinth and amaryllis, Store the pots in a cool, dark place until new growth appears, then move into a bright window. Plant now so you can enjoy during the holidays.
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