Floral Symbolica

Floral Symbolica. As gardening during the dreary days of Winter becomes more of an armchair sport, I thought I'd give you some fun things to do. Food for thought maybe…even inspiring!

Floral symbolica, the language of flowers! The Ancient Chinese used florographic signs to communicate ideas as did the Egyptians, Assyrrians and Indians. Each plant and flower has a hidden meaning and it is possible to pose a question or give an answer just by handing someone a bouquet of flowers or a leaf!

In eastern lands they talk in flowers,
And they tell in a garland their loves and cares:
Each blossom that blooms in their garden bowers
On its leaves a mystical language wears.


Can you imagine? What is your garden really saying??
My tulips have declared love toward the next door neighbour, but my oak leaved geranium is telling him it's just friendship.
The Linden in the backyard is sending a marriage proposal but my dandelions are just saying 'go'. Hmmm….I feel a garden redesign coming on.
My garden is just too fickle. Possibly not the way to design a whole garden but I think I may send out some messages in my flower pots if I can just figure out how to get them to say "Bring Starbucks".
Here are some plant names and meanings to get you started:

  • Lemon Balm - sympathy, loving
  • Sweet Marjoram - blushes
  • Rosemary - remberance
  • Yarrow - healing of heartache
  • Camellia - supreme loveliness
  • Azalea - romance
  • Clover - promise
  • Heliotrope - devotion
  • Tulip - love declaration
  • Begonia - watch out, beware
  • Linden - love and marriage
  • Striped Carnation - No
  • Cedar leaf - Life devotion
  • Dandelion flower - Go
  • Fern - Magic
  • Oak-leaved Geranium - friendship
  • Ivy - marriage
  • Rose Leaf - you can hope
  • Moss Rosebud - confession of love
  • Bay leaf - strength
  • There are tons of books and websites listing other plants and their meanings.
    Have fun with it!!!

    Now if I can just scotch tape that coffee bean onto the rose leaf and then maybe add a dandelion… where can I find one at this time of year?!

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