Amaryllis Bulbs Plant Now For Winter Flowers

amaryllis image Hippeastrum, known as amaryllis, originated from South America. They come in many different colours and are easy to grow. The ones that are sold have been treated with special care for 3 years prior to being marketed. This special care helps to produce an abundance of large flowers. This extra care makes amaryllis bulbs more expensive than other bulbs, but their long lasting large flowers win your heart! Yes, you can get hooked on amaryllis and most will add a new colour to their collection from year to year. Follow the tips below and you will be rewarded with beautiful blooms for weeks!

Planting time: October – April
Availability: Best is in November-December.

Amaryllis is available in the Spring, but generally as a potted plant. For best variety, choose the bulbs before Christmas and if necessary store in a temperature about 48 F, planting when ready.


Choosing the right bulb:
  • Feel the bulb, choose ones that are large and heavy.
  • Larger bulbs generally produce more stems and more flowers. Go big!
  • There are many to choose from so if you choose a few, plant them in 2-3 week intervals so you can stagger their bloom time, and enjoy them for months
  • Choose a larger pot with drainage holes. One slightly larger than the bulb is ideal.
  • Use a well drained potting soil.


amaryllis bulb Planting:
  • Before planting the bulbs, place it in lukewarm water for a couple of hours, this will encourage root formation.
  • Check your pot for drainage and put a few rocks in the bottom to keep the drainage hole clear.
  • Add your potting soil about a third to half way full.
  • Place the bulb on top, adding enough potting soil so half of the bulb is exposed above the soil surface.
  • Tamp down the potting soil firmly.
  • Water lightly.


  • Place your newly planted pot in a warm sunlit place. A windowsill warmed by a radiator underneath is ideal. Normal house temperature is fine.
  • Water sparingly until the stem emerges.
  • As soon as leaves and flower buds are visable increase watering.
  • Enjoy!


amaryllis image Tips:

With follow-up care you can enjoy your amaryllis for years to come. Simply cut off any remaining faded flowers, water and fertilize allowing the leaves to grow and develop. If you have room in the garden, plant the bulb pot and all into the ground in a sheltered spot. Do this mid to late May. Starting in August - September stop watering. In September - October trim the foliage from the bulb and place the bulb, pot and all, in a dry cool frost free location – the garage is an option. Leave it ‘resting’ for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. Then repot and enjoy. Flowers may be smaller than the first blooming period.

  • Remove faded flowers so the bulb does not invest energy in seed production. The remaining flowers will also bloom for a longer time.

Source: International Flower Bulb Centre. Care Sheet available at Art's Nursery.

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