7 Great Trees for Fall Colour

Sunlight on colourful leaves – that’s fall to me.

Here at Arts Nursery, we have some wonderful and varied choices of trees with great fall colour:

Osakazuki Japanese MapleJapanese Maples
Japanese Maples are hard to miss in the fall, with their flaming red, orange or yellow fall colour. Red leaved cultivars turn red or scarlet in the fall, and green leaved cultivars turn fabulous yellow, orange and red. Some of our favourites are Acer palmatum Emperor 1, Osakazuki, Tamukeyama and Sangu-kaku. They generally grow 15-20ft high by 12-15ft wide. Japanese maples prefer part shade but will tolerate full sun if kept adequately moist. At Art's we have dozens of varieties and hundreds of these plants to choose from.
Katsura TreeKatsura Trees
Katsura trees, Cercidiphyllum japonicum, have small heart shaped leaves with outstanding fall colour from yellow to wine, early in the season. The spicy sugar scent just before leaf drop is a bonus. Katsuras have stiff arching branches, and grow 35 – 50ft tall and 25 – 35ft wide. Part shade or sun. Excellent shade or street tree. Come have a look at a great new variety called 'Red Fox'.
Persian Ironwood Trees
Parrotia or Ironwood trees have sensational fall colours, turning bronze, then crimson and orange, finishing brilliant yellow. They are coloured well into October. For the best fall colour plant parrotias in full sun, although they will grow in part shade too. They grow 20 – 40ft high and wide at maturity.
Sourwood TreeSourwood Trees
Sourwood Trees, Oxydendron arboreum, have lance shaped green leaves that turn a striking blood-red colour in the fall. They also offer sprays of creamy-white flowers in late summer to early fall. A great tree for smaller yards or as a specimen.
Red MapleRed Maples
Red Maples, or Acer rubrum, are trees for people with slightly larger properties. They grow 40 – 60ft high by 25 – 45ft wide. Their fall foliage begins early and is a brilliant scarlet, that persists well into October. Acer rubrum are tolerant of many different sites. We have several different cultivars, including Armstrong, Bowhall, Brandywine, Red Sunset and more. A classic Canadian favourite.
Sweetgum TreeSweetgum Trees
Sweetgum Trees, also known by their botanical name Liquidambar styraciflua, are another great mid-sized tree for Fall interest. Their green, maple-like leaves turn striking shades of red in fall. An excellent well-behaved tree often recommended for boulevard or streetside plantings. Makes an excellent specimen or shade tree as well.
Ginkgo TreeGinkgo Tree
Another classic favourite for fall colour is the Ginkgo tree. Featuring unique fan-shaped green leaves, their foliage turns striking colours of yellow-gold in the fall. This is a significantly sized tree ideal for larger yards and bigger spaces, but tends to grow slower.

The above trees are only a small sampling of the varieties here at Art’s. So treat yourself to a visit, and enjoy the fall ambience.
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