Indoor Tropicals
Indoor Tropical plants not only add living beauty and a sense of tranquility to your home or office space, they have the added benefit of cleaning the air, producing oxygen, and have even been known to boost mood, creativity, concentration, and productivity.

Airplants, also known as Tillandsia, are one of the most popular indoor tropical plants. These tropical wonders gather their nutrients from the air and as a result don't need roots or soil to grow! An occasional mist of water and bright, but indirect light is all they need.

Citrus Trees
Aah, the refreshing smell of citrus! The good news is you can grow your own citrus tree inside your home, adding lovely decor, freshening the air, and maybe even producing the occasional tangy fruit. 

Obsessed with succulents? We are too! Succulents are a huge trend in gardening, and for very good reason. These low maintenance beauties require bright, direct light, minimal water and little else. .

Cactus & Desert Plants
These prickly companions will win you over with their unusual blooms and bold geometric shapes. These plants are some of the easiest plants to care for in terms of watering and maintenance, requiring very little of either!

Miniature Gardens
Art's Nursery carries a diverse and unique selection of fairy gardening accessories, plants and supplies. We also offer Fairy Garden classes and workshops, as well as private Fairy Gardening parties.


Bonsai Supplies
Bonsai uses several time-developed methods to produce miniature trees or shubs in small containers. Often varieties with smaller, delicate leaves or needles are chosen to further amplify this ‘scaled-down’ appearance. 


Home Decor
Chosing the right home decor can transform the way a whole room looks and feels. Create a space that reflects your own person style by chosing items that speak to you!


Indoor Pots
More information coming soon!

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