Fruiting Kiwi Vines


Fruiting Kiwi Vines


For many, the attraction in growing kiwi vines is their variegated foliage. As the leaves emerge in spring, they're green; but they soon pick up splotches of white. As an encore, some leaves then develop pink tips. Small white blooms appear in spring, but kiwi vines aren't grown primarily for their. Kiwis are climbers of the "twining" type. The vines of Arctic Beauty kiwi plants may eventually reach a length of 15-20 feet. Actinidia arguta is more vigorous and may attain greater heights but is less hardy.

Kiwi vines are native to southwestern China. These deciduous, perennial plants are dioeciously which means that male and female flowers are produced on separate plants. Vines of both sexes must be grown to ensure pollination. Hardy Kiwi are often used as a screen or shade vine because of their ability to create a dense cover of 3 to 5 inch, glossy dark green leaves on long red vines.

Kiwi vines thrive in full sun or light shade. They can be grown in any good garden soil but prefer rich humus soils. Plant Kiwis in an area that is moist but well drained. Be sure that the soil does not become dry in hot weather.


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